Ahvenisto Olympic Pool is Sport Venue of the Year 2017

Ahvenisto olympic pool is sport venue of the year Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has selected Ahvenisto Open Air Pool as a Sport Venue of the year 2017. Ahvenisto Open Air Pool is the 13th Sport Venue to gain this special recognition and it is given to venues which has been renovated recently. Pool of Ahvenisto was completely renovated in 2014 after a deacede of decay.

olympic cross running path in AhvenistoOMNIPRESENT OLYMPIC HISTORY

Ahvenisto pool was built in the Finnish Olympic Games held in 1952. Pool served as a venue for swimming in modern pentathlon for Olympic Games. Ahvenisto area hosted other events of modern pentathlon as well and cafe building used to be the Olympic center. There is a signed 5 km cross country runnign path which was used in modern pentathlon where one can feel the olympic spirit as well.