Ahvenisto nature trail

luontopolun piste pienennettyJust on the edges of Ahvenisto Activity Park area starts a 68 hectare natural conservation area which was established in 1964. Natural scenery of Ahvenisto is unique with characteristic features combining Finnish lake views and rugged gorges. There is a wide variety of local flora and fauna with rich birdlife producing marvellous sound scenery.

natural path of ahvenistoNatural trail of Ahvenisto is signed and maps are provided from the café or can be downloaded in Finnish here. Natural trail is totally 6 km long but it’s possible to walk around the lake Ahvenisto with 3 km long trail. Ahvenisto hosted modern pentathlon in Summer Olympic’s held in Finland in 1952. One of the events of modern pentathlon was cross country running and the natural trail crosses this historical running track a few times along the way. There are some uphill’s along the nature track, so make sure to put on some sturdy shoes and take enough water!

Ahvenisto Activity Park offers guided tours for natural conservation area with professional local wilderness guides. Read more about outdoor services in Ahvenisto or contact us via email: info@ahvenisto.fi